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B  I  O  G  R  A  P  H  Y      

Avany Frossard

Born in the mining capital Belo Horizonte it is taken for the city of Carangola, to pass some months, after its mother's desencarne. It is received by the aunts and grandparents, that surround it with whole affection and love. The months pass and the affection for the pequena  Avany grow,  impeding it of coming back.
Still small babbling little words, he/she already has the talent of the vidência, he/she already sees its mother already die wanting to take it, for the spiritual world always appearing in visions. Those facts were told by its aunts, when adolescent. It grows hearing voices of the beyond and its grandmother notices it, so that the doesn't answer those called. Surrounded of affection, but the emptiness in its spirit always makes himself present for the parents' lack, in its girl heart. It studied the primary in the School Group Melo Viana. She enters in the School of nuns Normal School Regina Pacis. Always gone back to faith, he/she does with Jesus of the communion the balm for its heart; it tries to fill the vague classes praying in the chapel of the own school. Its youth makes herself normal, as any adolescent of its age, well addressed by its grandparents and aunts.
It received the normal diploma and it almost exercised the function of the magistério time. She knows the carangolense Agildo Frossard Ribeiro and it contracts nuptialses, coming to reside in the city of the great ABC from São Paulo, Santo André.
She gave marriage, he/she is born its three children, Jean, Ramon and Maykon. The years pass the vidência it accompanies her, but its religious formation, always impedes it of accepting it as mission. She sees the siblings desencarnados in its lar, he/she listens voices and he/she has revelations for dreams, she tries in vain to get rid of the mediunidade. It went by a lot of illnesses, after so many sufferings and a desligamento almost that total after days in a UTI (Unity Therapy Intensive), it decides to accept the spiritual medium condition. After the convalescência, it begins to frequent a Home Kardecista and she enters in the fraternity of of Jesus' pupils. It arrives the moment in that the wisdom speaks and she consolidates the evangelical mission, being presenteada for its mentor and companion of its becausy of last incarnation, Commandant Alexandre Motta, that comes as a poet for simple beginning; soon after the mission begins, programmed by the superior spiritual world, to the one that it belongs as light messenger. The ready spiritual medium helps him beyond in the mission edificante of the communications grave. The spiritual medium does a renouncement life of its life, gone back to the charity, the faith, and the hope. She sits down that its terrestrial highway is florid and it is guided for many light chandeliers.