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Books of author Avany Frossard
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Language: Portuguese.
Messages Psychegraph of the Beyond Grave  ( 107 pages )
  The author's   First Book, where you will go vivênciar the world besides the sepulcher.
It is a book that is good of alert to the terrestrial siblings for evaluations and learning.
In this book they will know the life, the habitations, the colonies, you are worth, cities and as they live the spirits through the great messages medium, brought by the spirit Commandant Alexandre Motta.
It is an interesting book and she will make to ascend in your hearts a flame for an interior renewal.
 $10,00 dollars already included the postal expenses

The Chandelier of Light  ( 110 pages )
When opening the book light Chandelier, will feel forces inside of the prayers that it involves it.
The  spirit Commandant Alexandre Motta, die in a shipwreck the one century almost brings to the Earth messages reconfort; always in communion with Jesus and the Supreme Father.
It is a head  book when making up it its spirit it will begin to climb the sublime mountains of the skies, finding the forces that it will involve it in elapsing of the terrestrial life.
 $10,00 dollars already included the postal expenses

Light and Thought  (197 pages )
In verses and proses the author blunts the me, in a to transcend of the matter addressing them to the sublimation.
They will feel the beautiful transgress  to the imagination and the infinite of the light you involve them.
It will almost be an awakening for the light and the thoughts will take them slowly the in the dreams of the hope.
 $ 12,00 dollars already included the postal expenses



The Great Poetries Mediunics (358 pages)
This book portrays the romantic in verses and prose with 84 poetries, narrated by spirits as Machado of Assis, José of Alencar, Castro Alves, Vinícius of Morais, Cecília Meireles, Tomás Antônio Gonzaga, Cristóvão Veiga of Motta, Marisa Fontes, Friar Narcísio Oliveira Sampaio and Avany Pongetti.
$ 20,00 dollars already included the postal expenses.




The Happiness Within Reach of Everybody (110 pages)
This book brings in its context a solemnity-help, for a to know
of same sí, inside of the practice of the Shin-only-kan, that is a communion with
God and the self-assertion of yours me interior.
$ 10,00 dollars already included the postal expenses





Simple Soul  (153 pages)
Among poetic nuances and adjust explanatórios they will have a love
re-doing already returned to the romantic worn away by the
daily land, in a to unmask of the me occult in all you.
 $10,00 dollars already included the postal expenses




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